Information about the festival

Every year people come together for a great time at this festival. They enjoy the delicious food and the music provided by local bands and solo performers. They can erect their own tents or market stalls to trade with others or sell their product to the visitors and festival goers. Many come from far, out of state or even from other countries to celebrate the peace and friendship among each other, and show gratitude for what they have.

Summer is the best time to party

The only thing you need for a great outdoors get-together is a nice warm, sunny day. We have that this time of the year, so the perfect environment is provided. Just bring yourself and your family members to the party. There is plenty of parking on the field, and the organizers provide mobile restrooms for your convenience.  Children can play in a safe designated area, so parents don’t have to worry about them and they can have a stress free time at this wonderful parade.

What crowd we expect

Well, we are open for everyone, no judgment we spend this time in the spirit of just live and let live. All time will be spent peacefully and with love.  No matter what your background or where you are coming from, the most important thing is to feel the love and care of others who turned up for the same reason as you – to bring harmony to this world.

At last but not at least

If you wish to come to this festival, we advise you to bring warm clothing and blankets. The event will be going until night time and the temperature cools down that time. Although there will be a campfire, we can’t promise that it will keep everyone warm enough, so make sure you and your loved ones are protected from the cold.

Thank you for showing interest and hope to see you there!