Music Stage

The festival where I got my Ex-girlfriend back

I am so happy to announce that I got back together with my ex girlfriend after a break up. She broke up with me 2 months ago and I was completely heartbroken. I didn’t know what to do and where to go for advice. I lost a lot of weight and I stopped caring about the everyday tasks in life, in short I let myself go. I felt like this guy in this episode here.

My friends said I need to meet someone new

I went out and dated other women, but I couldn’t pay attention to them when we were out. I was constantly thinking about my ex girlfriend. I tried to guess what she is doing, who she is with and is she dating someone right now. The thought of her being with an other man made me furious and depressed. That caused the other women turn away from me and from the date all together. I knew, getting over her was not an option. I had to get her back!

Then life gave me an other chance

I decided I will have fun no matter what so I organized a get-together with my friend and we went to the “Spokane on the rocks” festival.  The food was great, we had a few home brewed beers from the local producers and we even danced to the great music. Around 8 in the evening I decided to have a little break from the party so I moved away from the crowd and sat down by a huge old tree trunk. I lit a cigarette and enjoyed the cooling wind from the river. As I was sitting there a familiar voice rang from behind me.

I am happy to see you – She said

To my biggest surprise it was my ex-girlfriend. She looked happy to see me, she was all smiles. She sat next to me and we started to talk. It turns out she was there the whole time and she saw me having a great time with my friends. Old memories came back we were laughing at the silly things we used to do as a couple…then something happened. She hung her head but still she was looking in my eyes with a regretful look on her face. She told me that she was thinking of me and regrets breaking up with me. Me dancing and having a great time made her realize how good of a guy I was. She was afraid to hit me up, because she was scared of rejection.


We reunited that night

If you ask me: How to get your ex girlfriend back – the only thing I can suggest is don’t be sad about your break up. Instead go out and project to the whole world that you are doing just fine without her. That will make her realize that she made a mistake and will feel the desire for you again. I did not plan anything I only made the choice to have fun instead of turning to grief and sorrow. It paid off, I got my ex-girlfriend back and we are a happy couple again.

If you ever in this situation I hope my article will help you to get her back.

Enjoy the party called life


Ex-girlfriend and Me throwing a fish back
girlfriend convinced me to release the fish back to the water